We strive to ship your parts within one week of receipt of your order. Larger orders will be packaged in a box and tracking will be provided through PayPal. For simple or smaller orders, they are mailed in a padded envelope USPS First Class with no tracking.

We have shipping set up for the US, Canada, UK, and some EU countries. If you need us to ship to another country, please contact us by email, and we will work to set it up.

We don't expect this, but, if you do have a problem with the quality of your parts or the accuracy of your order, please return the complete order with a copy of your packing slip and a description of the problem and we will resend the order.

What You Get and What You Don't

Calnaga Castings provides scale model car parts for your hobby enjoyment. No claim is made to the fitness of use of these parts for anything except approximate representations of car parts in scale. They are supplied as urethane resin castings or raw 3D prints; no other finish or material is supplied, except where specifically stated, as in the case of brass axle housings. They are not painted nor assembled in any fashion. Parts are typically supplied in white resin, but are occasionally produced in black resin if that is an appropriate color for the subject. Our products are sold to the consumer for a non-commercial, one-time use only.


Calnaga Castings are made in low quantities with high quality. They are cast with high quality resin using techniques that yield crisp, detailed, void-free castings. Gates and vents have been removed along with major flash from the casting process. The quality objective is that your parts will be ready for paint and assembly into your model. They are made as if Steve would use them for his own projects.

Painting and Finishing

Most modelers choose to paint their parts. We recommend primer-painting our castings with a good hobby-quality primer such as Tamiya Fine White Primer or Testors Grey Primer. Full scale automotive spray primers such as those offered under the Plasticoat or Duplicolor brand names are effective, but the larger pigment grains may diminish some part detail. Color-coat your parts with hobby quality enamel, acrylic, or lacquers by brush, spray, or air-brushing. You will see Steve's color recommendations in many of the product descriptions. Check out the Gallery to see Calnaga Castings painted and assembled into award-winning models.


Resin parts are effectively assembled with other resin, styrene, or metal parts using cyano-acrylate adhesive ("CA" or "superglue"). For more assembly time, 5 minute epoxy is recommended. Water-based or white glues such as Micro Scale Crystal Clear are recommended where temporary assembly is needed for mockup or fitting purposes. Please follow all manufactures' safety precautions when using paints and adhesives.

Product and Price Changes

Calnaga Castings reserves the right to make changes in product specifications and prices without prior notice.

Effective March 21, 2024

3D Printing is an emerging technology that is literally a paradigm shift for the model building hobby. The ability to print parts with incredible detail and scale with ease has astounded most model builders. Steve has embraced the technology including the ability to generate original CAD designs. 3D prints can be used as casting masters or as customer products. At Calnaga, the focus remains to offer unique parts of high quality for your builds. Quality includes the integrity of using prints made with authorized or original CAD data.

About 3D Printing